The Acagamic Tip Tuesday — Issue #18: Forgiving Interaction Design

Game UX Tip of the Week

In Ghost of Tsushima, a shader and a sound effect together with a text prompt indicate that it's time for the player to crouch during the tutorial.
In New Super Mario Bros., the game offers players a demo playthrough as Luigi if they struggle to complete a level.

UX Links

Focus: Whiteboarding

  1. Miro
  2. Mural
  3. FigJam
  4. inVision Freehand
  5. Google Jamboard
  6. Zoom Whiteboards
  7. Microsoft Whiteboard
  8. Box Canvas
  9. Ideaboardz
  10. Padlet

Games Research Find of the Week

  • Objects of pride. Rare assets or objects related to winning the game. These commemorate achievements.
  • Objects of creativity. Customized assets or newly created game assets. These show players’ self-expression.
  • Object as a resource. Mindfulness about limited resources in gameplay. These remind players of their resourcefulness.
  • Object of function. Things that allow a player to progress in the game world, like a game map. These are support objects to gameplay in the physical world.
  • Object of shared memory. Game events that are shared by multiple players can serve as great memories of gameplay. These serve as reminders of shared social experiences.



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