The Acagamic Tip Tuesday — Issue #10

Game UX Tip of the Week

  1. Favourite: What was your favourite moment or aspect of what you just played?
  2. Wanted: Was there anything you wanted to do that you couldn’t?
  3. Wand: If you had a magic wand to wave, and you could change, add, or remove anything from the experience, what would it be?
  4. Doing: What were you doing in the experience?
  5. Describe: How would you describe this game to your friends and family?
The game Lost Recipes from Schell Games.

Three Game UX Tweets

Two Links

The Definitive Guide to Playtest Questions by Schell Games
The goal of post-playtest questions is to get unadulterated feelings from the person. You do not want to lead them in any way, but you want to find out what they thought. Try…

UX Games Research Tip of the Week

In this 2021 publication, the authors introduce partial automation, an accessibility technique that delegates control of inaccessible game inputs to an AI partner. Partial automation works with other approaches to improve games’ accessibility, including universal design, player balancing, and interface adaptation.



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Lennart Nacke

Lennart Nacke

UX Professor (Games/Gamification) → Mentoring academics how to get their research papers accepted and training UX researchers to create more fun products.